ABOUT The founder Katharina Zeitz is a German native with over 10 years of work experience in the U.S., UK and Germany. She holds a degree in Marketing Management, Advertising and PR & minor in Psychology from Emerson College. Her work focuses on the strategy and execution of company and personal concepts including strategic marketing, CRM, corporate identity, sales, new- & target markets, acquisitions, planning, negotiation and execution of long term collaborations. Her previous places of employment include Kempinski AG, Harrods Ltd., Kaviar Gauche GmbH, M&C Saatchi PLC and Max Mara S.r.l.

SERVICES Situation analysis of outside and inside challenges / Definition of problems / Analysis of existing target-market and target-audience / Analysis of product & service in accordance to target-market and target-audience / Definition of targeting existing- and new markets / Collective short term and long term goal-setting of retail & sales / Collective short term and long term goal-setting of image & publicity / Development and construction of CRM system / Creation of a more accurate segmentation / Enabling a more personal service for customer centred communication / Focus on the art of selling including delicate direct sales strategies / Development of individual company concept based on market-research and internal information.

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